The grape platform

Automation that gives you peace of mind

Automated case processing

Save time in HR by automating processes with the grape platform

grape is a new type of technology-enabled insurance that is 100% digital and integrates with 52+ HR, accounting and payroll platforms.


Over 50 integrations. Our platform is connected with the HR systems and is always synchronized.


Never miss a deadline again

We offer modern technology to provide you with a fully digital customer experience. All information and processes are visible at a glance.


Get insights into the health of your employees

Thanks to the integration of the grape platform, you can access analytics at any time that enable you to take actions to support your employees efficiently.

Data security

Information security and quality management are important topics for grape, that is why we have ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

No additional costs

With the acquisition of a policy, the grape platform is available to you free of charge.

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